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Quote of the day


{After Izzy gives into Paul... again.}

IZZY: This cannot and will not ever happen again.
PAUL: Haven't I heard that song before?
IZZY: What part of this don't you understand? I am in a happy long-term relationship.
PAUL: Aw yeah and I'm here because, um?
IZZY: My. Future. Is with Karl.
PAUL: I don't have a problem with that.
IZZY: No, you might not but Karl... Karl will.
PAUL: Yeah? Well who says he's to know? Hmm? Who says we can't just.. carry on the way that we are.
IZZY: (Beat) What type of person do you think that I am?
PAUL: The high matience type. One that requires constant attention. And are you telling me that you get that from Karl? See, the way I see it I'm doing the poor bloke a favour.
IZZY: Ugh. Then you're even more warped than I thought you were.
PAUL: (Chuckles) See I wasn't here to provide a distraction for you, you would have bailed long ago. I'm the glue that keeps your relationship together. See, you've got the best from both worlds, Izzy. You've got, security from Karl, and excitement from me (he runs his finger from her shoulder downwards) now you tell me that I don't excite you.
IZZY: Stop it. Karl deserves better than this.
PAUL: Well, like I said; what he doesn't know...
IZZY: He at least deserves some kind of honesty.
PAUL: Oh that's rich, coming from you. Well, you're telling me that you're honest with Karl all the time? You don't keep things from him. Maybe something that you might be a little... guilty, about.
IZZY: Like what?
PAUL: (Shrugs) You tell me. Maybe you feel guilty.. because... Karl left his marraige to be with you.
IZZY: You see, it didn't happen like that, what--
Paul interupts her by kissing her.
PAUL: Now, are you trying to tell me, that you'd be happy with one piece of candy when you can have whole shop? Hmm?
He kisses her shoulder.

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